Big 20 Race
Twitch Team

Here are the runners who have signed up for this race so far, with links to their twitch streams and twitters. Signup is optional. Anyone who wants to join the race only needs to show up on the SpeedRunsLive IRC and .enter the race on the day it happens.


Participants (37)

Name   Twitch ID   Twitter
Andy Schanz    TheAndySocialNetwork    @AndySchanz
ANGEL_UNDEAD    angel_undead    @ANGEL_UNDEAD777
Arcus    arcus87    @arcus87
Bakker    BakkerGaming    @BakkerGaming
brotherKyle    brotherkyIe     
catsonurhead    catsonurhead    @catsonurhead
Cypherin    Cypherin    @The_Cyphering
DanielMauritz    DanielMauritz     
deceax    deceax    @deceax
Firebroth    Firebroth     
Floatious    Floatious    @Floatious
Floydasaurus    Floydasaurus    @FloydZamarripa
infinitemystery    infinitemystery     
JD    planetrewindgaming     
JJ    beadle111    @jjburrows1
JkL    JkL87    @JkL_SWE
k0zzx    k0zzx    @k0zzx
Kamphina8    Kamphuna8    @Kamphuna8
KLM    KLM1187    @KLM_1187
Koachkrab127    Koachkrab127     
Kov    the_kov    @thekovinc
link_7777    link_7777     
MegatronECS    TheTwinStickGamers     
MisterScoot    misterscoot    @scootherring
poisoncurls    poisoncurls     
PupG    MrPupG    @MrPupGeek
RantronBomb    RantronBomb    @RantronBomb
ShuriBear    ShuriBear    @ShuriBear
skateman222    skateman222    @skateman222
smartalec0624    smartalec0624     
spontanious    spontanious     
TheMotherBrain86    TheMotherBrain86    @MotherBrain86
Vidtendo    Vidtendo     
WorstLiarEver    WorstLiarEver    @WorstLiarEver
xJohnWaynex    xJohnWaynex    @xJohnWaynex
zoggins    zoggins    @zoggins
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