Big 20 Race
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Game Resources for the Big 20 Race

Resources and tutorials for games in the Big 20 Race. If you have any helpful information please send it to us.

Yume Penguin Monogatari

Tutorial by EndySWE
World Record by EndySWE

Mini Putt

Tutorial by Yogidamonk
World Record by Coolkid

Bird Week


Tutorial by Coolkid

King Kong 2

Tutorial by Coolkid
World Record by Prisi

Cosmo Police Galivan

World Record by InfestedRiche


World Record by MrPupG
Tutorial by MrPupG
Japanese runs and information
Patterns for stages 2,3 and 5

The Mysterious Murasame Castle

World Record by Chauzu


Tutorial by Yogidamonk

Moai Kun

Tutorial by Coolkid

A Week of Garfield

Tutorial by Coolkid
World Record by Coolkid
Key locations
Lua item script (Save file as '.lua', then load in the Fceux NES Emulator)

Holy Diver

Tutorial by WhiteHat94
World Record by WhiteHat94

Choijin Sentai Jetman

World Record by M3ntula

Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti

World Record by Kirua

Samurai Pizza Cats

World Record by Dormouse
Personal Best by usedpizza


Tutorial by ZodaNOR
World Record by ZodaNOR
Route Showcase by Kat_kunoichi
Misc information by Nudua

Mitsume ga Tooru

World Record by Vers

Moon Crystal

Tutorial by Jimmypoopins
World Record by becored


Tutorial by Narshe223
World Record (Any%) by becored
World Record (Glitchless) by Aquas

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

World Record by darbian

Game resources for Big 20 #5

Game resources for Big 20 #4

Game resources for Big 20 #3

Game resources for Big 20 #2

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