Big 20 Race
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Big 20 Race #2 happened May 2nd 2015.

The Games:

Donkey Kong Jr Beat the game (1 loop).
Balloon Fight Beat stage 12.
Tennis Win 1 set. Comp level 3.
Arkanoid Beat round 2.
Jaws Beat the game.
Circus Charlie Beat the game (5 stages, 1 player A).
Bram stoker's Dracula Beat the game (Easy).
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Beat the dam (level 2).
Renegade Beat the game (difficulty level 1).
Fire n Ice Beat worlds 1 thru 3. Do the levels in order.
Strider Beat the game.
Trojan Beat the game.
DuckTales 2 Beat the game (Easy).
Mickey Mousecapade Beat the game.
Gun.Smoke Beat the Ninja (Stage 4).
Karnov Beat the game.
Joe & Mac Beat the game.
Bucky O'Hare Beat all 4 planets (Normal. No death warps.)
Castlevania Beat the game.
The Legend of Zelda Get the magic sword (12 hearts needed. No Up+A).

Games must be completed in order.  You may use emulator, flashcart, or cartridges.  Use the North American version for all games (except Circus Charlie, which is J version).

Past Races

Big 20 Race #2  (2 May 2015)  

1st Toad22484 2:49:14  
2nd infestedriche 2:53:57  
3rd primal85 2:59:17  
4th lemonsx 2:59:36  
5th badbrakes 3:01:26  
6th yogidamonk 3:01:48
7th mikethev 3:01:57  
8th khananaphone 3:03:42  
9th lackattack24 3:07:44  
10th nme 3:10:28  
11th dxtr 3:35:22  
12th MrPupG 3:52:28  
13th cochese788 3:54:04
14th whitman_price_ 3:59:33    
15th authorblues 4:08:10    
16th Cornelu 4:10:26  
17th Svenge_B 4:24:49  
18th anthole 4:27:40
19th joniidx 4:45:20  
20th zookiewookie 5:10:53  
21st Breakdown 5:28:02   
22nd Cantoutfapme 5:43:36
23rd Karal_ 5:44:45  
24th Knighty 7:37:44
25th crak_atak 13:57:04  
26th extraguy 16:04:40  
27th infinitemystery 17:34:50
- khanster786 Forfeit
- Game8BitNerd Forfeit
- simpoldood Forfeit
- JoshButro Forfeit

VOD of the broadcast on the BestOfNES channel.

Table of split times for all the players (by LeScraf).

Rules for Big 20 Race #2

Games must be completed in order.  You may use emulator, flashcart, or cartridges.  You can download the ROMs here.  Use the North American version for all games (except Circus Charlie, which is J version).

Donkey Kong Jr.

Game ends when the top platform disappears.

Balloon Fight

Game ends when the bonus stage appears.


Game ends when the score box appears after winning the set.

If you lose the first set you may continue playing until you win a set. You may also reset at any time.


Game ends when the "Round 3" screen appears.

The level skip code is banned. The continue code is also banned. You may not use the special Arkanoid controller (Vaus), nor can you use a mouse in emulator to simulate that controller.


Game ends when the screen with Jaws sinking appears.

Circus Charlie

Game ends when you land on the final platform.

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Game ends when the screen fades out.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Game ends when the turtle says "OK" at the last bomb.


Game ends when it cuts to the credits.

Fire n Ice

Game ends when the screen begins to fade out at the end of 3-10.

You must beat the levels in order.


Game ends when the "Thanks to Hiryu" screen appears.

Glitches are allowed, including the out of bounds glitch. You may NOT use the password feature to skip the opening cutscene.


Game ends when the map screen appears after killing the last boss.

The continue code is banned.

DuckTales 2

Game ends when Webby appears after the final boss.

Mickey Mousecapade

Game ends when Micky and Minnie are standing in the final doorway.


Game ends when the ninja's wanted posted appears after defeating him.


Game ends when the "Congratulations" screen appears.

Joe & Mac

Game ends when "Level 5 complete" appears.

No codes allowed.

Bucky O'Hare

Game ends when the fourth boss begins to explode.


Game ends when you touch the final orb.

The Legend Of Zelda

Game ends when link holds the magical sword above his head.

You must start from a blank file. Name registration is included in the race time.

Each heart can only be collected once, so you will obtain at least 4 hearts from dungeons and at most 5 hearts from the overworld.

Up+A is banned. If you die in the overworld you must return to the screen where you died before making any more progress (entering dungeons or collecting heart containers, swords, or the candle). There are no restrictions on dying in a dungeon, and you are not required to collect the triforces.

Game Resources for Big 20 Race #2

If you have tips, resources, tutorials, videos, or other information you want to share with the players to help them learn the game, send them to feasel via email, twitter, or twitch pm and they will be posted here.

Donkey Kong Jr.

Tutorial session with InfiniteMystery, Toad22484, and Everhate

Balloon Fight

Tutorial session with Blechy


Tutorial session with Christian and BadBrakes

Tips from JaggerG


Tutorial session with BadBrakes

Manipulating warps in levels 1 and 2 - Image 1: move here before the ball is released. Image 2: move here before the ball touches the first brick. After the brick is broken, move your paddle left so that you can bounce the ball directly back into the spot where you broke the first brick (to break a pink brick this time), then exit the level with a score of 11190. Image 3: move here before the ball is released. Image 4: move here before the ball touches the first brick.

Manipulating a Laser in level 1 (if you find the warp manipulation too hard). Move your paddle against the right wall and wait for the ball to release. When the ball touches the wall hold Left on the d-pad. Alternatively you can move against the right wall and then hold Left when the flashing text "1UP" disappears for the 3rd time.


Tutorial session with BadBrakes, Toad22484, and NMEtv

Note: the shark encounter will last a lot longer if you dive down instead of staying at the surface. That's the only way to 1-cycle Jaws.

Circus Charlie


Tutorial session with jimmypoopins and Toad22484

Speedrun tips from jimmypoopins

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Tutorial session with Extraguy and authorblues

Tutorial by authorblues.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Tutorial session with feasel.

18:16 run by Whitman Price

Safe route by feasel.

Fast route by feasel.


In stage 3 it is faster to take the right door than the left door. In Stage 4 the correct path is Right, Left, Left, Middle, Right.

Tutorial session with feasel

5:15 run by feasel

Fire n Ice

Tutorial session with InfiniteMystery and Everhate

Route video by pld

Tips, tricks, and explanations by pld


Tutorial session with Inzult2 and Toad22484

Some information on zips


Tutorial session with dxtr.

Speedrun tips

DuckTales 2

Tutorial session with Bangerra and NMEtv

A list of speedruns from various runners.

Mickey Mousecapade

Tutorial session with Whitman Price, Zyre, and InfiniteMystery

Tutorial by InfiniteMystery: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5

8:11 run by Whitman Price

8:51 run by InfiniteMystery

In level 1, after defeating the boss you can deathwarp in the room with Minnie's Star to save time. There is a 1up hidden in the shuttered window in Level 1. There is also a 1up hidden in the final area of Level 3 if you shoot the 4th low-positioned purple flower.

For safe strats in level 1, you might want to get Minnie's star before fighting the boss so you'll have two attackers for that fight. Or you can have Minnie climb the ladder and fight the boss while Mickey stays safe at the bottom (a strat that also works very well in Level 4).

A more detailed explanation of strategy from Whitman Price


Tutorial session with Zyre

Maps: One, Two, Three, Four. Learn the locations of Wanted Posters, Horses, Shops, 1-Ups (red star), and Invincibility (blue star).

General advice: Find or buy the horse whenever possible so you can survive a few more hits. Buy and equip the Smart Bomb so you can survive an extra hit. The Smart Bomb must be re-equipped at the start of each level. Memorize the locations of the 1-ups so that you'll have max lives going in to Stage 4, because if you gameover in Stage 4 it is very difficult to beat starting from a continue with no money or equipment.


Tutorial session with Dragondarch

9:11 run by Dragondarch

AGDQ2015 run by Dragondarch

Joe & Mac

Tutorial session with InfestedRiche

8:00 run by VaatiTheWindDemon

Bucky O'Hare

Tutorial session with NESgoOmba and Callumbal

Tips and route notes by NESgoOmba and Callumbal


11:46 run by Double Armory

The Legend Of Zelda

Tutorial session with Darkwing Duck

DWD's safe route (level 2 first) 2 minutes slower than lackattack's route, but very safe.

Magical sword route by lackattack24 (levels 3 and 4 first). written description

Magical sword route map by Cartina

Overworld locations map by Darkwing Duck

Magical sword route by Presjpolk

Any% Tutorial by Darkwing Duck

Explanation of screen scrolling / block clipping

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